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FM4E has been developed and refined for over fifteen years and contains all of the functionality required to help Transport Managers run their event fleet as effectively as possible. This includes:

Fleet Asset Management

Upload / manually enter vehicle and commissioning / de-commissioning information

Allocate / de-allocate ancillaries (e.g. car seats, bike racks, radios) to/from vehicles

Vehicle unavailability (e.g. cleaning, refuelling)

Vehicle substitutions (e.g. accidents, breakdowns)

People management

Upload / manually enter information on drivers (including contact details for drivers for direct mobile and SMS messaging)

Record driver shifts and check-in and out

Regular accreditation imports (including upgrade passes)

Store and update information on potential clients (including accreditation, eligibility and registered address information)


Call-off bookings for allocation (e.g. 4 hours in advance of pickup time)

Use barcode / RFID scanners to:

  • Assign drivers to vehicles
  • Allocate teams / vehicles to venues for an “On-demand” service
  • Allocate vehicles to booking / other task
  • §  Pair journey tickets to vehicles, on-site at event venues

Operational alerts

A comprehensive set of exception reports that identify:

  • Potential missed pick-ups
  • Missing vehicles or drivers
  • Bookings due for pick-up warnings (Vehicle not dispatched)

Fleet overview screen to see at a glance the level of fleet utilisation

Drill down to view more specific vehicle or driver information

Reports for other operational areas that require intervention.


Easy to use booking request and validation process streamlined to deliver an average booking time of less than a minute

Comprehensive validation of passenger eligibility on every booking (including duplicate booking check)

Special requirements recording for each booking (e.g. wheelchair access, baby seat)

Record number of passengers to ensure correct vehicle type is dispatched

Validate booking against service constraints (e.g. distance, time of day)


The FM4E system is based on Microsoft’s robust SQL Server database platform, with secure front-end processing on PC workstations or virtual machines.


The system is extremely intuitive and we are able to train users of the system in less than an hour.

Management Reports

A comprehensive set of on-screen and printed reports.